Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How did Day 1 go???

So, yesterday was Day 1 of the Fat Smash Diet that I am doing. I spent a lot of the weekend making sure that I had food that I could eat in the house and doing some prep work for things I knew I was going to eat during the week. It's a pretty simple eating plan. In Phase 1, which is called Detox...you eat mainly all fruits and veggies, lotsa beans, a little yogurt, a splash of milk and some brown rice to round it all out.

It's not far from what I am eating now...if you take out all the refined carbs that I eat...and I know those carbs...the pizza...the M&Ms..and the list goes on and on...were my main problem. So, I have high hopes for this new eating plan. I decided to give Fat Smash Diet (FSD) a go after I watched Celebrity Fit Club (CFC) and was pretty impressed with the results that the celebs posted. And...from watching the show, it was done with hard work and keeping to the program. It's not like those infomercials were people say how great the product is, but you wonder how much they were paid to say that or how much weight they really lost. I got to watch a group of 9 people lose weight this way...and all be pretty gosh darn successful.

As I said, yesterday was Day 1...and it went pretty well. I ate lots of fruits and veggies. I was constantly eating, but it was eating good foods. It felt natural and healthy. The only real downside is that I had a headache last night...and most of today. Not a bad one...just a slight one in the back, etc. I don't even know if the headache is a result of the new diet (and the lack of caffeine and sugar) or if it is because of the heat.

Anyways...I am liking it...yummy food...and good for you to boot!

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