Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #34

Thirteen Things Shelley Would Like to Do/Get Done This Summer

Since today is the official first day of summer...I thought I would post a TT of my plans/things I would like to do this summer. It's a laundry list of sorts.

1. I mentioned this before, but I want to get a bike on the road...and use it as my main mode of transportation. One, I would be active...and two, save on that ever so expensive gas.
2. I want to be proactive in being outside more. Even if it is just going for a walk during work and when I get out of work. I want to spend more time outside of these lovely walls.
3. I want to make more plans for my weekends. I tend to do a lot of relaxing and watching movies, etc. They tend to be really lazy weekends. I don't want that anymore. I want to go to parks, go for walks, go hiking, etc.
4. I want to lose 20 lbs this summer. I am sick of caring around this extra weight that I know I don't need and that I know is holding me back.
5. The last couple of months, I have been pretty motivated while watching VH1's Celebrity Fit Club. I am a much bigger fan of that show than sham shows like The Biggest Loser. So, I am going to adopt the diet by Dr. Ian...and I am going to give the Fat Smash Diet a try. I figure, I like natural foods...and obviously don't mind not eating meat, so I think it might just work like magic.
6. I am also going to start working out like mad again. I plan on starting the Power 90 program again once my roomie starts working nights...which should be the next couple of weeks.
7. I plan on going to the Farmer's Market every Saturday that I can. I can't wait to get all the fresh veggies...and sometimes fruit. I went last week and didn't find anything I really wanted, but soon...all those veggies will be pouring in.
8. I want to hang out with my friends more this summer. I have a great group of friends and we are super supportive of one another, but we don't hang out a lot. So, I want to hang more...even if it is just having dinner or going to a movie or whatever. And hey...maybe I could make a hiking trip (an easy hike) and invite some of those friends along.
9. Speaking of movies...I want to go see a movie or two which is coming out this summer. My roomie and I were talking about going to the drive-in, which I think would be super fun.
10. This summer, I want to look at practical ways of becoming more green. I want to recycle better than I am. I want to look at reducing energy use and cost. I think it's something important and also something that can save me a penny or two down the line.
11. I want to keep the apartment clean this summer...and beyond. I am going to make a cleaning schedule and make sure one room is clean per day. If I keep on top of that, it shouldn't be an issue at all..for the place to be clean. Right now, it's not bad...but it isn't as neat as I would like it. bedroom is a mess, so that needs to be cleaned stat.
12. To keep on the cleaning kick...I want to clean out my car and keep it clean. I tend to clutter up my car like I do everything else in my life. It ends up having a bunch of junk in it...and therefore, have to re-arrange everything if I go shopping or am giving a bunch of friends rides, etc. So...I want to clean my car and keep it clean.
13. And the last even though I will be working full time through the have as much fun as possible. I longingly remember those school days of spending the summers just enjoying the time off...and going to the park...or the Great Escape, etc. the free time that I do have, I want to relive those summer off experiences.

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