Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oops and a giggle...

When I was driving to work this morning...there is a corner where it is sort of blind, so you have to be super duper sure before pulling out or you might cut someone off or eeek...cause an accident. I thought I looked, but I didn't...and when I pulled out I saw that there was a car coming, so I slowed down and got behind him. No harm. No foul. But well...he decided to stick his little finger out the window and flip me off. Yes, if I had kept going and made him screech his tires to not hit me and cut him, I would deserve to be flipped the ever elusive bird, but well...I made a mistake and slowed down and went behind him.

So...after he flipped me off. I stuck my little hand out my window, I didn't flip him off back...that would be immature. So, I just waved at him, as friendly as my little hand could. I think that pissed him off...cause he slowed down to about 15 miles an hour (on a 30 mile an hour road). So, I just slowed my car right down to about 10 miles an hour and slowly followed him. The fact that I wasn't getting angry...was really pissing him off. And you know what, that gave me some sick sad enjoyment. I made a mistake...I should have looked better, but you know happens. I corrected and avoided cutting someone off or an accident. And from that point on, that guy's emotions are his own problem.

When he turned left at one point and I went around him, I smiled and as nice as I could...waved to him. Yes...sometimes I am not Mother Teresa...and just petty. But well...I can live with me.

So, my advice to you...someone flips you as nice as pie. I can tell ya it is more effective than getting pissed back and getting all Hulk angry at someone.


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