Friday, June 22, 2007

when tv wasn't just reality smeality...

Last night...while I was trying to fall asleep...I was flipping around the channels and came across a channel playing repeats of The Wonder Years. The episode I fell on was actually the last episode and I watched it for a few moments. And after that, they started the series again...and played the pilot episode. I ended up watching the whole episode. I was tired, but I really wanted to see it.

I forgot how much I loved that show...and how really great it was. It was a show I always watched when I was a kid. It was a never miss. It started in 1988 and then, I was 11 years I definitely related to the trials and tribulations of Kevin Arnold and his crew of dorky friends. Yes, it was set in the 60s, but it just told the story of growing up and finding your place in the world.

I also remembered...there was a girl in my high school who looked JUST like Danica McKellar...I mean it. She was like her long lost twin. People actually called her "Winnie" when she walked by in the halls....which drove her nuts.

Anyways...I just really enjoyed watching the show again. It really was well made...and definitely reminded me of my childhood. It's kind of sad now that TV shows like this, I am not sure they would make it. A new show has about 2 weeks to get an audience and if it doesn't, it's cancelled. They will replace it with another trashy reality show and know they will make their money. It's kind of sad that shows like The Wonder Years don't exist much anymore...but we have a reality show where people compete as if they were pirates. Aurgghh!

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