Monday, June 25, 2007

Pay Someone Or Do It Yourself???

You know, I wish I was more handy than I am. I am often so jealous of my dad and the made skills he has. He has replaced the plumbing in the house. He has added a deck to the house and has replaced the porch twice. He's updated our back room and had designs on putting another bathroom in the house for years and years.

Right now, I can't do any of those things. I wish I could. And, I know my dad only learned those things by doing them. I mean, he wasn't born knowing how to put a deck on a house or how to dry wall a room, etc. So, I am deciding to do more DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. For example, I want to install some security features to my current apartment. I want to add a peep hole and a dead bolt. I hate that when someone knocks at the door, I have no idea who is there. Of course, I would have to get permission from the apartment complex first, but that should be easy enough. And who knows, maybe if they will let me make the apartment more secure, they will also let me make it look prettier too!

I am going to read over more info on their site and when I need something done, instead of calling someone...I am going to attempt to Do It Myself! (of course...with some help and support from my dear ol' dad).

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