Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Burn baby...BURN!

So, how much of a survivor do I think I am? Well...all in all...I think I would do pretty well. I have always been a pretty nature minded kid. I can hike up a mountain. I know how to survive out in the wilderness. I can change a tire...depending on how dirty I am willing to get. I can usually sweet talk my way into people being nice to me..and giving me what I want. My one main weakness, I am directionally challenged. If I am supposed to go left, I go right.

USA Networks is posing the question of how well someone can survive, especially when all the contacts and people they knew has been taken away. It's their new show called Burn Notice. The basic premise is that when a spy is fired, they don't get a pink slip, they get BURNED! What that means is that all their contacts, all their fellow spy daddies are all dead to him. He is basically untouchable.It's like he doesn't exist in the spy community anymore. In the show, that's what happens to Michael Westen.

So, what does a guy do who is a former spy and is no burned?? Well, he moves home to Miami and becomes a private investigator. Of course, the thing he is most interested in finding out is what happened to cause him to be fired. This is harder said than done though because he can't use any of his former knowledge, so he truly has to find out what kind of survivor he is while seeking out the truth.

USA Network's Burn Notice is the newest series to come from USA. I can remember when all USA showed was old movies, etc. Now though, they have some really amazing shows. I actually saw the commercial for this show while watching episodes of The 4400 and The Dead Zone. I think that USA is making some really high quality TV shows as of late and from the looks of it, Burn Notice is no different. It has an interesting cast too. The main character, Westen is played by Jeffrey Donovan. He hasn't been in a heck of a lot, but I will always remember him when he played Jared's troubled brother in The Pretender. He was always someone that just completely engaged the audience...with his brooding intensity. And Westen's love interest/spy herself, Fiona, is played by Gabrielle Anwar. She is not only beautiful, but once again another movie star to take on TV. She plays Westen's ex-girlfriend who was dumped once upon a time, but now might be the only person who can help him figure out what happened.

I don't know about you, but this TV show looks pretty great to me. It premieres on Thursday June 28th at 10pm. Check your local listings and check it out!

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