Friday, June 22, 2007

if only vacations were this easy...

There is this cool little thing...where you can log onto the internet and make your own beach-side sandcastle. It's kinda fun...and I wish that playing in the sand was that easy and inexpensive.

The Sandcastles can be made into e-cards and can be sent to family and friends. They are super easy to make and fun too. You just log on and make your own sandcastle. You can select your own beach, what your castle will look like, what is around your castle, etc. It's pretty dang sweet. Now, if only it let me put a hot guy out there on the beach...then it would be perfect. tee, hee, hee. Once you are done, you name your castle and then you send it to yourself and anyone else out there in the world wide web that you want to. It also publishes your castle on their website too, so other people can take a look...and probably steal your ideas! It's pretty cool. I am going to check out their site and see what kind of castles other people made....or I might just make a few more castles just to entertain myself. I think I am going to make one for my little 2 year old nephew and sent it to him. He gets to play in the sun all the time being in Florida, but I also think he'd love a sandcastle from his TiTi Shelley.

Here is one of the cards I made...what do ya think? Pretty, eh?

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