Sunday, June 24, 2007

nice weekend...

Hey y'all....I had a nice weekend. Let's do a little review.

Friday: I was exhausted when I got home from work. I felt like I just could have slept forever. I went to my dad's house, fed the cat, checked the mail, etc. (Dad is away on business for the week...he's back now, so don't think you can break in and steal all our stuff). Anyways...I came home, talked to a friend on the phone, talked to my dad when he got home from his trip and then headed to bed to sleep and sleep and sleep some more.

Saturday: I got up bright and early...6am or so...and went to the Farmer's Market. I was hoping to get a lot of fresh, yummy goodies. Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of things there. I am waiting for the lots of veggies to show up, which should be any week now. I love fresh out of the garden cukes...and can't wait til the farmer's garden has 'em.

And then in the late morning/early afternoon...I ended up going to our local amusement park with my friend for her son's birthday. We just had a great time...and it was great to be spending time with this friend again. We used to hang out all the time in high school and have come in and out of my life for the past 10 years. We reconnected just after my mom passed away...and I am so glad to have my wonderful friend back. It was a good time had by all.

and then after I left the amusement park...I went to my dad's house and we went to a neighbor's graduation party. I had to park on the next street over in order to get even close to the house. It was a nice party...and perfect weather for it. Then we went out to eat for dinner...and I headed home for some much needed rest.

Sunday: I went to church this mornin'...and the service was really nice. I think my mom would have loved it. My church is really such a loving community and they have been so supportive. After church, I went to go shopping with my dad...BJs and grocery shopping.

Oh...which made me remember...I am starting a whole new diet tomorrow. I was really motivated and energized when watching Celebrity Fit I am starting Dr. Ian's Fat Smash Diet tomorrow. I bought a bunch of stuff for the diet and prepped some recipes today. Hmm...maybe if y'all are lucky, I will share some with you. I am watching some tv on the tivo and then headed to bed.

It wasn't a horribly exciting weekend...but it was really nice.

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