Tuesday, October 09, 2007

whoo hoo!!!

Guess who's going to see John Mellencamp in concert in December???? Yep, that's right...it's me. I haven't seen JM in concert since I left Indiana and I didn't think he was coming close to Upstate NY during this tour, so I was going to miss him. I can't go to multiple tours and travel the country to see the man like I used to...

But then I read on the web that he is having a show is Albany NY...so I checked out the site and whoo hoo...he is.

I called my roomie...and she said she would like to come with me, so I ordered 2 tickets and ended up getting seats in the FIFTH row.

Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo!!!!

Can you tell I am a little excited????