Monday, October 29, 2007

They did it again!!!!

My friend Heather sent me a comment last week...wondering why I haven't posted, etc. I am. And why haven't I posted???

Well...this is why!

Yep, that's right...the Boston Red Sox swept the Colorado Rockies and won the 2007 World Series. So, for the past week or more...I have done nothing, but stay up late and watch the Red Sox get a game closer and closer to their second title in 4 years. It was great to watch the comeback (again)...against the Cleveland Indians. Boston showed themselves as a team that no matter how bad it looks, they refuse to give up. Boston was in dramatic fashion in Game 7...and headed off to the World Series against the Colorado Rockies...who had swept both of their previous competitors and also won their last 20 or 21 games.

The Red Sox came into the World Series and played with an intensity...and just never let up. They won two blow out games and also won two very close games. I am so proud of the team...and proud to be a member of Red Sox Nation!!!

Oh...and another reason I hadn't posted...other than everything I have done in the last week has been about baseball...I am one of the superstitious people when it comes to sports. I, irrationally, believe that things that I do at home while watching the game on my TV...effect the outcome. So...the Red Sox were undefeated while I had not posted on my I decided to keep that streak going until they won the Series. I makes no sense, but's what crazy sports fans do. Let me tell that they have won, I have tons to update the site get ready to do some reading.

And who's my fav Red Sox player? Well...I love them all. Mike Lowell definitely deserved to get the MVP..he was just a rock star both offensively and defensively. He's a free agent this hopefully the Red Sox resign him (and get no where near signing A-Rod...ick!). The rockie Jacoby Ellsbury...he was dynomite! Beckett rocked the mound like always... I could go on and on...because it was an across the board win...with each player contributing to the overall victory. But who's my favorite player???

I love Jonathon Papelbon...he is their closing pitcher. One, he's awesome...he has such intensity when he is on the mound and he is virtually unshakeable. He's a tough, tough cookie. When he comes in the game, you can almost relax with the game in his hands. He's such a young one too...and filling such an important role for the team. Plus...he's crazy, but fun crazy. When they won the division record...he did this river dance type thing...and then did it again when they beat the Indians. He is the goofiest guy ever. So...he's my fav. I adore him. I will wear my Papelbon t-shirt with pride. Plus...he's dreamy. Hummina, hummina, hummina...

Let's Go Red Sox!!! whoo hoo....

P.S. and now...I can actually get some sleep...since I have been staying up til 1am on countless evenings while watching these pesky, but wonderful Red Sox play.