Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Making alternative energy research a competition!!

I just think this is the coolest thing ever. BP is sponsoring something called a BP Solar Decathlon. BP is partnering with the US Department of Energy to sponsor a contest where 20 university teams from across the country compete to design and build completely usable homes that function solely on solar power. The competition takes place every two years and the next competition is coming right up the week of October 11-19. There is a weeklong competition that each team participates in held in Washington, DC.

I know that BP is an energy company and that they make their money selling oil, but I think it is awesome that they are sponsoring something so environmentally friendly. They are encouraging Universities and the next generation of bright thinkers to be thinking about alternative energies. I can't wait for a day when all homes are powered by renewable energy. It seems like something so far away, but it is well within my lifetime, if the research is supported and funded.

Check out their site throughout the week because there are having each team blog about their successes and challenges throughout the week of competition.

Oh yeah...and if you get the opportunity, choose to go GREEN!

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