Monday, October 15, 2007

Back in the saddle again...

I finally update my weight loss ticker over there....go ahead, look...check it out...I'll wait. I wanted to wait to update it until I was basically back to where I was. I had done a great job losing 15 pounds...only to gain it back. So, I didn't want the self-esteem blow to update it that I had gained, so instead...I kept trucking along until I was right back where it said I, I even lost another pound.

I am feeling more motivated about weight loss, fitness, etc..than I have in a long time. I have decided that, if I can, I would like to be at my goal by New Year's. I think that is a positive goal for me...because it is reverse of my usual pattern. I usually start like gangbusters in January with health and fitness goals. I do great for a few months...and then I start to get bored or miss pizza or whatever. So, I slide off the weight loss wagon...and then October and November and December come...and I just give up...figuring I will start again in January. I end up gaining even more weight in those months...celebrating the holidays, etc. And when January rolls around, I have such dedication again...and the cycle begins once again. more of that. I am working hard now...I am following all the rules. Hey people...I didn't eat birthday cake on my birthday. I am making it work...following the rules 100%, not when I feel like it.

Plus, I got a new elliptical machine. The old one was pretty much broken...the electronic display was all wonky...and then the wheel thingy started to crack. So, I was in need of a new one since we all know how in love with my elliptical machine I am. My dad was nice enough to buy me one for my birthday. It took us a while to get it together since one of the pieces was bent, but it's up...and good to go.

I am excited that I am dedicated to making myself a healthier and fitter person in 2007...instead of just waiting around for 2008.

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