Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Bday to you!!!

One of my co-workers had a birthday today....she is officially 21 years old. Being 30, 21 seems just so young!

You know, I remember my 21st Birthday...which yes, it means I didn't drink so much that I didn't remember anything that happened. I was in my senior year in college. I was an RA on campus...and planned on going out to the bars for a brief time with my friends after classes and dinner and such.

That was the plan...until I got the call from residence life that there was an unscheduled RA meeting that night at 9pm or something like that (since some people had night classes). To say I was pissed was an understatement. I considered for a brief moment calling and saying that I already had plans and was not available...and still going out with my friends. I decided against it...I thought that the Res. Life Dept. wouldn't consider a night of drinking to be more important than their meeting.

So...I went...and was pissed walking into the door. They sang me happy birthday and made me some paper bday girl hat to wear. The meeting went super late...and I think I got out at like 11pm. I had class the next no bar hopping for me. And to add insult to injury...I found out that the meeting was rescheduled because someone else had plans on the usual meeting day and they rescheduled to oblidge them. When I found out about that...I basically hit the wall.

So, that's the story of my 21st birthday that did not involve drinking until I couldn't see or walk straight! Now the story of the weekend following my bday weekend is a different story...for a different day!

P.S. My co-worker is going out in town tonight...I'll be going along and celebrating with her. But, I will be a good kid and stay on my diet and not drink or eat any crappy, fatty appetizers.

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