Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I *heart* NY!

I miss the Big Apple...seriously, I do. When I was in high school and even a little when I was in college, I used to go to NYC quite a bit. I would go down to the city and see a broadway show or maybe go and do some Christmas shopping. I won a trip to NYC my freshman year in college. I got to stay in a nice hotel and see all the site, including a Broadway show. It was such a great trip. I can't believe I haven't been to NYC since 9/11. I don't think my roommate has ever been to NYC, which of course is a shame.

The next time I go to the city, I might want to take one of those bus tours. They pick you up, bring you down, give you lots of info of places to go, etc. I think the transportation is one of the real highlights. I could take the train, but if a bus will bring me...all the better. I would never and I mean NEVER take my own car into the city. I can barely find a parking place here when I am downtown...so, I am not going to even try to find parking in NYC. New York Tours seems like a great way to see the city again.

If you have been to NYC, where would you tell people that they have to see??? For me, it would be some of the museums, of course the Broadway Shows and Lennon's Park in Central Park. I have heard there are Sex and The City tours and I think those would be fun too...if they aren't just chuck full of cheese.

I gotta start planning a trip to NYC....not that I have the $$$ right now with the trips to see Kevin Smith and the John Mellencamp concert, but a girl can dream right!!

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