Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Who ate my ^&%^&%^ yogurt?!?!?!

I know...2 posts from me in one day.....I'm shocked too!

Everyday for lunch, I eat exactly the same thing...a small garden salad and a light yogurt. Sometimes a little granola or maybe frozen fruit. Every. Single. Day. I never eat anything different....I never order out....I never grab fast food. I do that two reasons. One, it's healthier....I know what I am eating and it is just enough food to get me until about 3pm when I eat again. Two, it's crazy cheap. There are some people I work with who eat out for lunch almost everyday, if not every single day. My lunch costs a little over a dollar a day...while they spend $20-30 on lunch each week, if not more. I'm not only trying to be healthy....but I am also what you would call cheap.

So, back to my yogurt...I packed my lunch this morning and had everything in it. I had my protein shakes, my salad, my yogurt and my bottle of water. All set. I get to work...and put my lunch in the fridge and get on with my work for the day.

At lunch time...I head to the fridge and go to get my salad and yogurt. I grab my salad...and...ummm...there is no yogurt in the fridge. What? No yogurt?? Where is my yogurt? I KNOW I packed it this morning and put it in my lunch bag. I can see myself doing it.

What is my first thought..."who eat my yogurt??" Which was immediately replaced by "Who STOLE my yogurt?" I thought of possible candidates...and tried to imagine that they ate my yogurt by MISTAKE...and not because they are thieving bastards.

I went to the possible candidates...and said the following statement, "Hey, did you happen to eat my apple yogurt by mistake? It's not in the fridge." Translation: "Did you STEAL my mother truckin' yogurt?" They all said no.

I became obsessed with my yogurt. I couldn't imagine where it could have gone. I ate my salad...and yes, continued to think about my yogurt.

Then, I had a flash of brilliance....and grabbed my keys. I headed out to my car...and low and behold, my yogurt is sitting on the passenger side seat in my car. I went back into work...and laughed at how I had recovered my STOLEN yogurt.

And yes...Officially...no one stole my yogurt. Case closed. But...if you did steal my yogurt, no doubt...I would have interrogated you Jack Bauer style...until you cracked. Just know this.