Tuesday, March 09, 2010

If I could be any zoo animal???

So, in my last entry...I said if you had any question...I would answer it. Steve is the only one who had a question...and his question was:

If you could be any type of zoo animal, what would you be, and why?

Hmm. That's actually a more difficult question to answer for me....since I am actually quite anti-zoos. I don't like the way the treat the animals...and while I think it is important and valuable for people to see animals up close and personal, at what expense. I could go all political...and talk about the Sea World whale, but well...that wasn't the question asked.

I know I wouldn't want to be one of the animals that has to do shows... At first, I thought lion...since every time I've seen a lion, they look happy and content...walking around...yawning...eating and just being the king of their domain.

However....while being a lion might be fun, it's not the animal I am picking. I pick penguin. I think the last time I saw a penguin was at Sea World. They had a whole world chuck full of penguins. One, those penguins just look happy...swimming around in their little cold man made world. Two, they don't have to interact with the humans...we just watch them behind the glass...and ooh and ahh at how cute they are. And three...they mate for life, so I can spend my time finding another awesomesauce penguin and rocking it out in the zoo.

So...there ya go. I'd be a happy penguin.

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Any other questions...don't hesitate to ask. And this time, I'll answer before a couple weeks go by.