Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What would you spend it on?

So...if you have watched the news or read the newspaper and spent anytime on the internet, I am sure you have heard of the economic stimulus package that the Pres and Congress want to do. Basically...the economy is headed into a recession (we are in a's supposed to!), so to try to stop that from happening, they are proposing refund checks of some of our tax dollars.

Right now...the package basically says this. If you are single and don't make more than $75,000...and paid a penny of taxes last year, you would get $600 bucks back. If you are single and didn't make enough money to actually pay taxes, you would get $300 back. If you are married and jointly don't make more than $150, would get $1200 back. could get an additional $300 back for every kid you have.

So, I would be eligible to get $600 back. How much might you see?

The point of the money is to use it in the ecomony. So, what would you buy with the money you got back? I have heard some people around my office say they would get repairs to their car. One person said they would buy a couch that they wanted. One person said they would put it towards a family vacation. One person said they would buy a plasma lift (it's an entertainment center for a swanky plasma TV...I had to look it up since I still have an ancient old 19" TV that I owned in college!). But, most of all...I hear people saying they would pay off bills or save it. I am with those people. I know I am supposed to put it into the ecomony, but as soon as I got that check...I'd be sending that money right to my student question.

Would you spend it? Would you save it? Curious minds want to know.

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