Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday ramblings....

Happy Wednesday y', 3 days of at least one post each day. See...I go through spurts where I post all the time and then droughts where I say barely anything at all.

TV Update

I watched American Idol last night. I have shame, but I can't help myself...I love that show. And, I'll admit it...I love it for the trainwrecks and what not. Honestly, I don't care who wins (expect for Daughtry...I wanted him to win so badly, I could taste it)...but I do love watching people who think they can sing, but can't...or people who can't take the comments and go nutso. I should be above...a better person, but well...sometimes, I just can't help myself.

Moment of Truth is on tonight. I cannot get enough of this show. If you live under a rock and haven't heard of's where someone answered questions while strapped to a lie detector and then on the live show, they have to answer some of them again...and if they answer the truth, they win $$$$. The premiere was last week...and had a guy on who basically put his marraige at risk for the chance to win some money. The thing I find interesting is that none of the questions are a surprise to the contestants because you have been asked them before...when you were attached to the lie detector. So, I guess...if I was ever a have to decide if answering any of those questions is worth the consequences. Is it worth the loss of your marraige? your job? your relationship with a child? a parent? a friend? I wouldn't mind answering embarassing questions that much, but I would mind answering them if it meant that someone I cared about might not be in my life anymore. I guess sometimes you have to value some things more than money, eh?

I watched The Biggest Loser: Couples last night...well, the second half of it. I hate this show, seriously...I do. I watched it last night and was reminded why I loathe it so much. First off...I don't believe it shows healthy, sustainable weight loss. It shows people losing crazy amounts of weight in a short period of time. How is that supposed to help anyone at home? And...the message gets sent out there that the standard healthy loss of 2 lbs or so a week is horrible. When the audience sees someone get on the scale and losses 5 lbs...and then they say that it sucks and they are a loser, etc. What message does that send to people at home? Plus, it's a show more about strategy and game play than losing weight. If it was really about changing people's lives...they wouldn't vote people out. How does it really help someone to have them be there for a week or two weeks and then go home? Wouldn't it be a better show if everyone got to stay and then at the end of the show...the person with the most weight % lost...won??? Of course, but it would be less drama....and we know drama=viewers. Every once in a while...I give BL another chance...hoping I will stop hating it, but well...I don't. It sucks.

Politics Update

So...McCain won Florida...and South Carolina...and Giuliani lost Florida...where he put all his eggs in one basket. So, Rudy is dropping out...supporting McCain. Mitt Romney is still in it...but for how long? I like McCain...well, I would like him more if he wasn't so crazy in love with this war. I just can't vote for another "Stay The Course" person (not that I ever voted for Bush in the first place).

And for my dems...Hillary and Barack are fighting like children on the schoolyard. It's kind of pathetic. Poor John Edwards is the kid that no one will play with. I gotta wonder how it is going to shake out for the final candidate since Hillary and Obama keep shifting back and terms of momentum. Obama did get a huge endorsement from the Kennedy family....but Hillary still has Bill and his charisma and political power on her side. The primary for NY is next Tuesday...and I will be voting. I have no problem saying who I am voting is Hillary Clinton. I like her. Her experience is unmatched...and I am very impressed with what she has done in a short period of time for NY. I think she is a powerful woman...with smart people by her side. I think she understands politics and how to get things done. I don't dislike Obama, but he's not my choice. His lack of experience is troubling. time moves on, I don't trust him. It's hard to swallow his "CHANGE" platform when a lot of his campaign is old school politics.'s also hard to swallow his anti-lobbying front...when his campaign has been run by lobbyist. If he is the dem candidate standing when it comes to a national race...I'll support him, but right now...he just isn't the best of the best in my opinion.

So, I think that's it for now. I do want to post an update on how I am doing on my 2008 keep your eyes out for that. Hugs all!

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