Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Monday....what do ya know?

Hello to all out there on the's your Monday treating you so far???

Of course...we know what I talk about on Monday morning...the WEIGH-IN!

I have always had my weigh-ins on matter what diet I have been on. Well, once I had them on Saturday mornings and learned what a big idea that was. I would weigh-in on off plan on the weekends and spend the rest of the week trying to play catch up so that the next weigh-in wasn't botched....then I would start that whole vicious cycle all over again. So...many many moons ago, I decided that was just craziness and changed my weigh-in to keep my focus on the weekends because I couldn't be Ms. Cheaty-Pants during the weekend if I had to weigh-in bright and early on Monday morning. worked well. This last round of fitness, health and weight loss....I'll be honest, I haven't cheated or gone off plan once...not once. I went to Florida on vacation...and celebrated the holidays...on plan, etc. So, the need for Monday weigh-ins has kind of diminshed...because I don't need to have a looming weigh-in in order to stay on plan.

But, weighing-in on Monday still has its advantages. The main one is that it gives me a reason to be chipper and optimistic on a Monday morning. So, for that...I still like weighing on Mondays.

Alright...enough history about my you all really care. lol So, how did I do? I am also a daily weigher...and the scale wasn't moving a lot this week. I have had 2 pretty big weeks behind me, so I wasn't surprised...nor upset by it. Most of the movement at all...and then on showed 1 lb. So, this morning...I woke up and hopped on the scale...and it showed that I lost 2 lbs this week!

How exciting??? That means...I have lost a total of 60 friggin' pounds since starting this whole journey. I am happier than can be... I still haven't ordered my 50 lb reward yet...I am going to order a cheap mp3 player on-line this week. And, I get to buy my 60 lb reward too...which is a MVP movie program through Hollywood Video. I used to work there, so the idea of paying for movies...just seems wrong, but it's okay...I EARNED it!

I don't have much left to lose...I have a little pudge on my tummy I would like to erase and some jiggle on the inside of my thighs that I could live without, but that's basically it. And, if I never lost another lb...I would still be a happy, happy girl.

In a couple of's going to be time for me to start transitioning from weight loss mode to maintenance mode...and I'll be honest, that terrifies me. I know how to lose weight...I know how to gain weight....maintaining...that is something I am definitely going to have to learn how to do. I feel ready though...and hopeful! This is the last time I am doing the whole lose weight/gain weight game...and I mean it!

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