Tuesday, October 09, 2007

dieting is good for the waistline and for the skin....

I have posted before that I have been dieting like a good little girl for the past month or so. I have been eating what I am supposed to...and more importantly, not eating what I am not supposed to. I have been working out some...lots of walks and a jog here or there. I need to start doing weights, but so far...so good.

You know one thing I have noticed since I stopped eating crap food...my skin is so much better. I have always been lucky to have good skin, but lately...I have had more blemishes, etc...up until recently. I was considering buying some good skin care products a few months ago.

But...since I have been dieting, my skin has been spectacular. I think it is a few things. One, I have been drinking tons of water...probably a gallon a day. We all know the benefits of water on your skin...so, that's been good. Plus, I have to believe that since I stopped eating greasy and sugary things...those things aren't getting into my skin either.

So...another benefit of clean living is clean skin!!!