Friday, October 05, 2007

celebrate the little things...

Have you ever met people who lived within the hustle and bustle, but they just looked calm as a cucumber?? People that give you the impression with a look or an outfit that even if life is stressed around just bounces off them. They seem to have the mentality of the calmness of vacation ALL the time. I always wish I could be one of those people. makes some really swanky hawaiian shirts that could let people know that you are cool as a cucumber, no matter what. Their slogan is "Go Slow." To me that means that they want people to remember to take it slow and enjoy the beauties of the world. Sometimes I think we are so busy, stressed and preoccupied that we don't notice the wonderful things all around us. I could rushing to a meeting and completely miss that there is a beautiful sunset, etc.

So...get yourself a bright, colorful hawaiian shirt and remember just once today to "Go Slow" and enjoy something beautiful in the day!!!