Monday, October 01, 2007

monday update!

This week is going to be a short week at work...whoo hoo! I have Friday off because it's my birthday. I usually work on my birthday, but since Monday is Columbus Day...I decided to take Friday off and have a 4 day weekend. I am not really sure what I am doing for my birthday....cause I am not one for planning events around my birthday. I don't know...just seems silly to me and I guess I have had enough birthdays that have sucked, so in most ways...I just try to get through the day.

I talked with my dad and I think I am going apple picking on Saturday...which should be fun. My aunt and uncle are coming up and going apple picking. We went last year and had a blast. My mom had the best my dad and I are looking forward to doing it again, kind of in memory of her.

Oooh..and I am pretty proud of myself. We had a work pizza party today for an intern who is leaving. I have been so good with eating all the right things, I knew eating pizza would not be a good thing. So, I went to the work lunch, but I brought my own salad and stuff and ate with them. The pizza smelled great, but I am glad I stuck to my guns and didn't eat anything filled with carbs and grease. Go me!

Anyways....I should be getting back to work like the good worker bee that I am.