Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Britney loses the kids...

So, as I was watching GMA this morning...they reported, much like everyone else, that the judge has ordered custody of Britney's children to K-Fed temporarily. I guess I should feel bad for her, but in reality...I don't. I feel bad for those kids. I have little hope that they are going to survive all of this without being scarred...and well, probably turning into a mini version of her. I hope that she sees this...not as the world being unfair to her, but as a wake up call to change the things she needs to do in order to be a mother to those kids. You know, I take it back...I do feel sorry for her. I don't think anyone taught her how to be a mother...I think she was a such a celebrity/media engine when she became a mom that she didn't get the education she needed. Yes...some things are common sense. MANY things are common sense, but she doesn't live in my normal world...she lives in Britney land. lol I hope that with this ruling and the required drug testing and parenting classes, etc....that maybe she learns something. Those poor kids.

Now...I know that there could be much worse for parents. I see it everyday. Example...there was a news story on the local news. It makes me angry and sick just to think about it. This woman...I think she was 36 or 37...she was arrested for prostitution in one of the urban cities in our area. And here is the kicker...she picked people up for services with HER CHILDREN in the car. She would perform her workly duties in the front seat while her 6 year old and one year old were in the backseat. Umm...really? And there are also reports that she smoked crack in the car with the kids present. Ooh...and someone else reported that she once snorted lines off her baby's chest while she was breast feeding him. You HAVE to be flippin' kidding me! And now her children have been taken...but they should have been taken a long time ago. *shakes head*

You know...in comparison...this woman makes Britney's parenting style look like she was Mother Teresa!

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