Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Have you done your XMas shopping yet?

I am really trying to get my Christmas shopping done early this year. Of course, I saw this every year and always end up scrambling to buy things the week before Chirstmas. But seriously, this year I am going to get a jump start on everything. I figure if I buy at least one thing every time I get paid, I will have all my shopping done by the holidays...maybe earlier.

One thing I am definitely going to use when shopping is online coupons. I buy so much of my stuff online, it just makes sense. I can't believe I didn't use them before. I used an online coupon a couple of weeks ago when I was ordering some protein shakes online. It got me free shipping and I think I saved $30 on top of that. Sweet! You can save $$$ over with Target.com coupons which is basically the best store ever. They have one coupon which saves you $5 if you spend $50. That's a 10% savings. Another coupon gets you free shipping on your entire order. Oh, and don't forget about Dell.com deals. They have some great offers. I just bought a computer from Dell a couple of months ago. They have one coupon where you can save $350 on any Inspiron computer over $999. That's a HUGE coupon. So, if someone on your list wants a computer...check them out.

I am going to search out BestBuy deals and see what kind of coupons they have. I could use some memory cards and USB jump drives. Oh wait, I am supposed to be shopping for Christmas...not for myself! lol

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