Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall TV Lineup

It's almost fall tv time again...and yes, that excites me. So, are there any TV shows you are excited to see? new shows? old shows returning?

We got the Entertainment Weekly this week, so I while I was flipping through, I made a mental note of shows I wanted to watch, etc. Here is a run down of the falls shows I am planning on watching:


Simpsons- Fox: I've been a fan for a long time. The Simpsons is always enjoyable...and I can't wait to see the movie when it comes out on DVD.


Dancing with the Stars- ABC: I love this show...for the people who can dance and for the train wrecks who can't. My fav this season without seeing a moment of it, Jennie Garth from the old 90210 days.

Chuck- NBC: This show is new and up against Dancing with the Stars. So, I am either going to have to make a choice or watch one on the tivo and watch one in my room. It's about this geeky guy who ends up getting all this secret spy info downloaded in his brain....kind of like a computer virus. Now...he has to help them solve their cases with the info in his head. Seems entertaining. I hope it lasts.
Samantha Who- ABC: This show stars Christina Applegate...who I love. She plays a shallow, bitchy liar...who gets hit by a car and gets amnesia. So, basically...she wakes up not remembering how much of a bitch she is. It reminds me of 13 Going on 30...where Jennifer Garner didn't know what an ass she turned into when she grew up, etc. Seems interesting...and I think I will definitely check it out.


Bones- Fox: Bones is moving to a new day and time..yippee! I can finally see it now. I have been catching up on DVD for the last 2 seasons...and that is just unacceptable. I love this show. I love the science/geek aspect of it. I think the snark aspect of it. I love looking at David Boreanaz for an hour. But please...can Bones and Booth just get together already. Please!
Dancing with the Stars- ABC: If I am going to watch them dance...of course I am going to watch and see who gets to stay and who has to pack their bags and go home.

But...once January comes, I will be watching 24. WWJBD? (What would Jack Bauer do?)


Kid Nation- CBS: This show...not so sure about it, but the hype is definitely there. I mean, it's an interest making their own little society. It's very Lord of the Flies. But, watching it could also make me more of a reality tv whore than I already am...but still, I am intrigued. I already read that some kid..thinking it was kool-aid or something...drank bleach. tee, hee, hee...

Private Practice-ABC: This is the spin off from Grey's Anatomy. Addison goes to LA and joins a private practice...hence the name. Well, I want to watch it because it is connected to Grey's...which is a fab show. And, it has a stellar cast...Tim Daly(Wings & The Nine *pouts*)...Taye Diggs (Rent)....Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy). But, I will admit...I am already fully prepared to hate this show. I don't see it haven't the snark of Grey's...and without that, I am not sure. I'll watch though...cross my fingers and hope for the best.

And...when January comes, I will be watching Lost!


Alright...Thursday kills me. There is a lot I want to watch on Thursday. It's like the rest of the week has a lot of crap, but Thursday is the night all the networks are fighting for. Geez!

Ugly Betty- ABC: Ah, I love Ugly Betty. It's smart, it's sassy...I am currently catching up on the first season on DVD right now. I used to tape it and watch it later...since it was up against The Office and Earl...and I imagine I will be taping it again. It's too good of the best comedies I have seen in a long time.

My Name Is Earl- NBC: I love this show. I have loved Jason Lee for years and years, so how could I not love this show. It makes me chuckle. Plus, Earl won my heart when there was a final clip showing Earl and Randy dancing along to Mr. Roboto. Ooh...I watched that clip over and over again. And now with Earl in jail...I can't wait to see what they are going to do with that.

30 Rock- NBC: I never watched this show last year...but I heard great things...and I love Tina Fey. I didn't watch it because it was up against Grey's...but now they are moving it to 8:30pm, so I might check it out.

The Office- NBC: They moved The Office to 9pm...which breaks my heart a little. It's now up against Grey's Anatomy. *pouts* I love The is well made and has some really intelligent jokes. I have been surprised I liked it since I usually hate american made versions of british tv shows. I love Dwight...and I really wanna see what happens with Jim and Pam on their date. So, I will probably be taping it and watching it later. I *heart* The Office.

Grey's Anatomy- ABC: I love Grey's...I didn't start watching it until S3, but I caught up on DVD. It's a great show.....seriously! *giggles* I was surprised that I liked it so much. And...let's not forget McDreamy. I loved him in 'Can't Buy Me Love' and still love him now. I gotta wonder what next season will bring...since in the season finale...everyone was unhappy. Will McDreamy and Meredith still be together? Will he continue to flirt with her sister? Will George and Lizzie stop freaking me out with their relationship? What will happen to Christina now that Burke isn't coming back because of his evil homophobness?? So many questions...can't wait to see what's going to happen. Seriously!

Big Shots- ABC: This is a new show. It is described as Sex and the City, but with men. It's a show about Big Shot businessmen...and their sex lives, relationships, etc. It has some dreamy men in it too...mainly Dylan McDermott(The Practice) and Michael Vartan (Alias). It definitely looks interesting...and worth checking out.


Don't care about Friday. Why couldn't you put some of that Thursday goodness on Friday?


Don't care about Saturday either. Pfttt!

So, whatcha looking forward to now that fall tv is upon us?