Friday, September 07, 2007

whoo hoo!

Here are a list of joys for today...because it's always good to see the joy in life, eh?

1. I am now officially on vacation. I busted my ass at work's amazing what you have to get done, you get it done. Probably on most Fridays, I would have left some of the Monday and be done with it. I just kept busting it out...and I got all the loose ends tied up. Tomorrow I am going to Maine with my that will be the beginning of my vacation.

2. I got a haircut tonight. I went with my dad to our hairdresser..and got a much needed cut. I got some cut's a couple inches under my shoulders and had her add some long layers, etc. It looks nice...

3. I called my roomie when I got home. I was reading online about a Q&A that Kevin Smith is doing at the end of September. So...I asked my roomie if I bought tickets, does she wanna go? And...she does. So, I plopped down my credit card. On Sept 22nd...we will be heading to Cornell to see and hear some awesome Kevin Smith stories.

All in all....a good day.

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