Wednesday, September 12, 2007

project time!

My big main project while I have been home on vacation was to take everything out of my room and re-arrange it. I haven't liked that my bed is smack right in the middle of the it makes it seem even smaller than it already is. But...I haven't had the motivation or energy to actually do it. So, I was leaving it for my vacation...and since it is already Wednesday of this said vacation, I got working on it today.

After my roomie left for work...I started pulling stuff out of the bedroom. I have been doing loads and loads of laundry...and then I started pulling some furniture and the bed out, etc. I always forget just how much stuff...and by stuff, I mean crap...I have until I have to move it all somewhere.

I got everything out....and piled in the kitchen and living room...and then I had to call it quits for a bit. It was time to go grocery shopping with daddy. And then I came home and started again...putting the furniture where I wanted it to be, moving the bed back, etc. Putting the things in storage under the bed. I have most of the things back in, but it isn't settled...I am going to use the next few days for that.

It's weird....I like the new setup, but I will doesn't exactly feel like my room right now. I have to decide where I am going to put the TV...if I am going to keep 2 little tables or ditch them, etc. Decisions, decisions....but when I decide and everything gets put away...I might take a pic or two and share them.

Phew...this is exhausting.

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