Monday, September 10, 2007

since i seem to be in a gossip mood...

My roommate gets Entertainment Weekly in the mail. I never would order it myself, but since she gets it...I do enjoy reading it. It's got all that TV and movie news and gossip, but unlike the other magazines, it has a high level of snark to it. Anyways...the newest magazine has an overview of the fall lineup, so I took a gander. I am excited to see a lot of shows return, but also looking to pick up a few new shows this fall as well.

Since I seem to be gossiping all over the place lately...about Britney...about Tommy Lee and Kid Rock and all their craziness...the new show Gossip Girl on The CW caught my eye. It's made by the creators of the O.C. and even though I don't want to admit it, I watched the O.C. from time to time. I know...I know...I'm almost 30...I know.

Anyways, Gossip Girl is about all these incredibly hip prep school kids in NYC...and they get all their news and info about their school from this "gossip girl" website. It sounds like Perez Hilton, but of course the gossip girl is probably thinner, hotter and better dressed. I guess no one knows who the gossip girl is...but she is the one outing the best gossip and info in the school to the shagrin of the people she is writing about.

You know, I thought I outgrew the teen based shows or maybe I just don't want to admit that I watch them. lol Gossip Girl premiers on the CW at September 19th at 9pm. I might watch it, I probably just won't admit to it! *winks*

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