Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's almost vacation time!!!

It's Thursday...the Thursday before I go on vacation. Let me tell you, I am completely in vacation mode and that kinda sucks. I have so much stuff to do. I have a bajillion things that need following up on...that need filing...that need to at least be organized before I can walk out the door. But, I just don't want to do it.

I am not doing anything special for my vacation...and I like it that way. I am spending the week at home and working on cleaning the apartment (desperately needs it...and only gets worse by the day). I am also re-arranging my room. I am going to Maine for a day with my dad. I have the diabetes walk. And, I might see about going to Vermont for a day..and see an old friend.

All in all, I am just excited to have a week just to veg out and not worry about anything. I like having a week where I don't have to deal with anyone's else crisis, etc. I like a week where I don't have to go to the jail and get anyone into drug rehab or hear someone tell me why they don't need rehab, etc.

I love my job...I really do...and right now is the perfect time for a vacation because I am feeling a smidge burned out. *yawns*

Happy Thursday everyone....T minus 2 days until vacation. Yippee!!!

P.S. I dropped by my dentist yesterday and gave them an insurance check that came in. I checked my balance and it looks like my insurance will cover more than I thought it I won't be out a million bajillion dollars like I thought I would. yippee again!

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