Monday, September 10, 2007

VMA wreckage...

I think we all know by now that Britney Spears was well...the Queen of Suckage at the VMAs last night. She wasn't in the best shape to be wearing just a bra and panties on national if one more person calls her fat though, I am going to punch them in the face. If Britney is fat...well then, what the hell am I? Anyway...back to Britney's breakdown...she danced like...well, she danced like you do when you are at an aerobic class for the first time. She seemed confused and would take one step in one direction only to stop, stare and step in the other direction. was a train wreck. My roomie said...and I agree, Justified Timberlake had to be in the back going, "Phew...dodged the bullet on that craziness!"

But, I am not writing this to highlight the Britney drama... because I find the Tommy Lee/Kid Rock drama to be even funnier...and maybe less pathetic. I guess Tommy was talking some smack to Kid Rock...and then Kid got up and socked him in the face. Wanna see a video of it? Of course you here and just giggle away.

Now, I gotta wonder what Tommy said to finally get Kid out of his chair and throwing punches. Hmmm....maybe something having to do with size actually mattering, etc. tee, hee, hee....

Now this could only happen at the VMAs....could you imagine this happening at the Oscars? Emmys? Let's see...Nicole Kidman starts jabbering at Katie Holmes...making jabs at The Creek and what not...until Katie has enough and turns around and smacks her. Hmm, I don't think so. Or...maybe at the Emmys...Jennifer Garner makes some comment to J-Lo...and then J-Lo scratches her eyes out. Not wait a minute.,..I would believe that cause J-Lo is hella gangsta.


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