Monday, September 10, 2007


I had a lot going on this here is an update, cause I know you are waiting with baited breath.

Friday: I got out of work...and was so excited that I am officially on vacation. I immediately went and got my haircut. If y'all are lucky...I might post a pic, but probably not. And if I do, I'll probably post it on if you aren't my myspace friend....well, sucks to be you!

Saturday: I had such a hard time getting to sleep on Friday night. I have had a hard time sleeping lately and I am not sure why. sucked even more than usual because my alarm was set for order to head to Maine with my dad for the day. I prepared him when I got into the car that I might be Ms. Cranky Pants, etc. (Luckily I kept the cranky at bay). SO, we got into Maine at about 10:30 or so. We walked around the boardwalk and bought some of the best salt water taffy. If you have never had Goldenrod are missing out man. Seriously!!! Then, we went over to the local cemetery where my grandparents are buried and meet up with my 2 uncles. It was hot as balls that day....I mean, I was dripping. My uncles got there...we all chit chatted and what not, took some pics and then headed out of the hot evil sun and got some lunch. We went to this cool restaurant that is shaped like a boat, so you feel like you are eating inside a boat. I got an awesome veggie burger...which was homemade, not frozen, etc. It was yummilicious. We had a nice conversation at lunch...until my uncle showed that he is still living in a bitterbarn since my grandma passed away. But, we all moved, it went back to being nice. After lunch, we drove over to the house that my dad grew up in. My other uncle (Non bitterbarn one)...knew the next door neighbor, so we got to walk through their yard to behind my dad's old house. It is such a beautiful home...and it is right on the water. When my grandma sold it...back in 1979...she sold it for $79,000...and it might go back on the market soon and it is rumored it could sell for over 4 million dollars. That's insane...completely insane people. And..after that, my dad and I drove back home and I was in bed EARLY. Long day, but very good day.

Sunday: The JDRF walk was on Sunday. It was a good day, but a hard one to get through. I got up and headed over to my dad's house at 10am...and then we headed over to the walk. To this date, I raised $ I think that is awesome. My roommate said her employer has a matching program, so it might be even that's great. I am thankful to everyone who donated, it meant so much to me. And...for the next month you can still donate, so if you missed fear, click away! Ooh...a special thank you to the anonymous person who donated. I wish I knew who ya were, so I could really thank you. I got to the walk...turned in my donations and then headed over to the start line. I saw a woman from my church and we walked together. My dad watched and took pics....which I might post on myspace...see there are benefits to being my friend!! LOL Of course, it rained like crazy for the first half of the walk. I had an it wasn't horrible. It let up about the time we were turning around and heading in the other direction. I talked with the woman from my church through the whole walk...and it was nice chit chatting with her. She's truly a remarkable woman. I finished the walk...hugged my dad...and then we left and grabbed some lunch. I spent some time at home with him and then headed back to the apartment to just sit exhausted on the couch...phew. I watched some crap tv...the roomie came home, chit chatted with her...watched more TV...and then headed to bed.

So...there ya have it. My recap of the first weekend of my vacation. So, what's on tap today??? Well...I am going to do lots of laundry and start pulling my bedroom apart. This week is all about organization...and getting everything clean and in its place. At first, I thought my roommate was on vacation this week...but she's I am going to have to try to get all this stuff done without waking her up or bothering her. It's no biggie...just kind of changes the way I would do things, etc. (i.e...I planned on sleeping on the futon while I worked on my room, but obviously that won't work now, etc.) Oh is about adjusting.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week....even if you aren't on vacation like me.

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