Friday, September 14, 2007

What would be your idea of a perfect vacation?

Since I have vacation on the brain...I wonder what my lovely readers would consider their perfect vacation.

Would it be going to Disney World? Would it be backpacking through Europe? Would it be going to Branson Missouri and hangikng out in Nascar nation? Would it hanging out in LA and hoping to see some stars?

For me...if I could have any vacation, I would spend it in Europe. I would get a Europass and travel all along the different countries. One day in Spain, the next in France...then jetting over to Ireland for a few. I would love to spend some there, but the only problem...I would want to spend way more than a week...a month, maybe more.

So, the question is...what is your idea of a perfect vacation??? Curious minds want to know.

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