Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I want to go on a fun and exciting vacation!

I am going on vacation in a few weeks, but I am not doing anything exciting AT ALL. I am taking the week to get the apartment in order (it is getting messier by the day) and just get some much needed STUFF done. It's important and I am glad I am going to have the whole week to do it, but I want to be doing something exciting with my time off. I want to be like the people really travels on their vacation...who go to the Bahamas...or who go on a cruise. I'd love being on a cruise for a week...as long as I didn't get food poisoning.

Let's see...my cousin is leaving for New Zealand at the end of this month to study abroad for a semester. I wish I could take my week of vacation and visit her. My other cousin has been in Norway for a month or more and I wish I could take some time and go and visit her as well.

And of course, I have always wanted to go to Ireland. I'm a super pale, freckled red head, so I just think that going to Ireland would be like going to the mother ship.

Someday, someday...this vacation, I will be lucky if I make it to Vermont or Maine for small day trips. *shrugs*

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