Monday, August 13, 2007

Bring the whole family...

There are so many movies coming out this summer. It does seem like the summer of movies. I have been tempted to go to the actual theatre numerous times...when usually I always wait for things to come out on DVD.

There have been a lot of movies, but there have been a lot of scary movies and action movies, etc. There haven't been a ton of family movies this summer. I mean, there was that one cartoon, but than that...there isn't a lot of stuff I would feel comfortable bringing the whole family to.

There is a movie which is opening on August 24th which is friendly to all members of the family. It's called Eye of the Dolphin.

The movie is about a troubled girl from Los Angeles who is expelled from school and then has to live with her father, who is s dolphin research scientist. He only has his eyes on work and doesn't have time for an out of control daughter. The only solace that she finds is a friendship with one of the wild dolphins on the island. It reminds me a lot of Free Willy. It definitely seems like one of those feel good movies I can remember seeing when I was a kid. If you wanna know more, check out the
Eye of the Dolphin movie trailer.

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