Monday, August 13, 2007

Free Monday!

Today is my first Monday where I am off work. Let me tell you, it's awesome...for a couple of reasons. One, I went to the racetrack with my dad yesterday...and if I didn't have today off, I know I would have been completely wiped out. And two, I am going to have lunch with some of my friends today...they work the second and night shift. So, having the day off makes it so we can actually make plans.

ooh...more about the track. I have never been to the horse track before, even though we only live about 15 minutes from it. I am not much of a gambler and I like my dollars to stay in my pocket and all. was my dad's company's corporate day at the track. So, I bet on some races...and all in all...did OK. I think I came up about 13 dollars ahead, which is better than being 13 dollars in the hole. Plus, I had one race where my horse 'Wish Me Success' wasn't even in consideration...but then at the last second, she shot out of no where and won the race. It was pretty cool.

And...we did get free chairs at the track. I don't really want them, so I am trying to sell them on ebay, but there are a bajillion on there, so I don't know if they will sell.

Oooh...and I watched Are We Done Yet? this morning...on my DAY OFF. I really liked Are We There Yet? I hoped I would like the second one. All in all...not really. To me, it seems like someone spent a weekend watching Money Pit and Funny Farm and decided to steal all the funny parts of that movie and do it again with Ice Cube. It was funny...but then again, the originals were funnier. to shower and then to a nice lunch...and the dentist. *pouts*

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