Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I hate you Blockbuster!

Months ago...when I signed up for Blockbuster's Total Access movie program...I wrote a post just saying how wonderful and great it was. I recommended it to family...friends...anyone who wanted to know and probably some who didn't.

Well, Blockbuster and I are officially not friends anymore...and I won't be recommending them to people anymore. Netflix is the shiznit people!!!

Why am I so cranky? Well...when I first signed up, their prices were basically the same as Netflix's, but you got the extra benefits and perks. You got to exchange the online movies in for movies at the store...and because you checked them in at the store, you got your movies sent to you faster. It sounded like the best of both worlds.

And then they sent me an email on Friday or whenever...and made me chuck full of crankiness. They said that their rates would be increasing and that they were making new types of plans. If you wanted to be able to exchange all your movies at the video store....then the price was going WAY up. If not, you could keep your current pricing tier, but you can only exchange a few movies a month. Or you could go online only. They said they did this...in response to a snarky email I sent them in order to more meet their customers needs.
Since when is charging people over 40%more meeting their needs?
Since when is charging people the same amount but taking away something you used to provide meeting their needs?

It's bullshit...and it's just showing that Blockbuster are greedy, slimey bastards.

It's a shame too...because in the beginning, I thought that Blockbuster had it going on. I thought they were going to be able to beat Netflix out. But now...I am pretty sure I am going back to Netflix. I might not get the free rentals, but at least I know that my rates aren't going to get hijacked again. Because unlike Blockbuster....when I have been with Netflix...the prices did change once, they went LOWER. That's right people...lower. When I first signed up for Netflix back in the day...3 movies out at a time cost $21.99 a month. And then 3 months later, they lowered their prices to $17.99 a month....and they have stayed at that rate since then.

So...Blockbuster...I officially hate you and your evilness. And now I plan on going back to Netflix. I feel like that girl who breaks up with her awesome boyfriend to date a complete schmo...and then realized he is a schmo...and goes back to that staple old boyfriend. Sorry Netflix...I never should have left you!

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