Friday, August 17, 2007

fortune cookies!

Do you love Chinese food as much as I do? It's one of my favs when ordering take out.

There a couple reasons why I love chinese food. One, it's quite vegetarian friendly...with the rice and steamed veggies and veggie lo mein and veggie egg rolls. Mmmm...I am getting hungry just typing it. And two, it can be healthy if you order the right things. Don't get me can be downright unhealthy too. It's all about selection.

I am always looking for a new, great Chinese food place. There is this new database which lists Chinese Food Restaurants in a little directory. You can search by state and then by city. I was able to find my favorite Chinese food restaurant when I lived in Indianapolis...oh lord, I miss their Veggie Delight Platter.

You can also look at chinese places internationally. I do wonder how different chinese food is...let's say in the UK, etc. Of course, they don't have China listed, but well...we all know that American Chinese and actual Chinese food are pretty different.

Mmmm...just thinking about this makes me hungry. A co-worker oftens orders chinese for lunch, so I will have to see if she wants to order with me.

P.S. Since I am talking about chinese food...I do have a horribly funny story of my roommate falling down the stairs and her chinese food breaking her fall. But well, another time...but it's funny people! FUNNY!