Friday, August 17, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Finale!

That's right...the finale was last night. Let me tell ya, I love the bejesus out of this show. I admit that I am somewhat of a reality show whore...I don't want to be, but I can't help myself. But, what I love about SYTYCD is that it is an actual competition show...where people don't win by scheming...they win by being a GREAT dancer, etc.

And yeah, I love the dancing too. I used to dance when I was a little kid. I took ballet, tap and jazz...and a little gymnastics too. I quit in like the 3rd or 4th grade. Why? Because dance class was on Thursday nights and well, I wanted to be home to watch The Cosby Show. I know...seems like a bad call, but at the time...I was convinced I was going to marry Theo Huxtable. lol That didn't work out all that well...maybe I should have stayed with dance.

Anyways...I have been watching SYTYCD each and every week. I think I wrote an earlier post about how much I loved the show and some of the dancers. The final four was Neil, Danny, Sabra and Lacey. All 4 were fabulous, so it really was anyone's guess on who was going to win.

Here is what I thought would happen:

Lacey: I am not a huge fan of her. She is Benji Schwimmer's sister, last year's winner. I think she's cute, but I don't think she's in the league of the other dancers. Having said that, I thought she was going to win. She seemed to have a really strong fan base, so I thought she would walk away with it.

Neil: I adore him. I call him "New Travis" and Travis was my favorite dancer from last year. He actually doesn't dance anything like Travis, but he has that same charm and presence. I think his dancing is amazing...and he melds dancing and acting really well. Plus, he's adorable. I didn't think he would win...his only shot for winning was all the swooning girls who would be voting OVER and OVER again.

Sabra: This little hottie has only been dancing for 4 years...and she is spectacular. She dances with such emotion...and is just a joy to watch. She's smart and sassy...and just enjoyable to watch. I thought she had a chance to win it...if Lacey didn't take it. And everyone heard Nigel say that he hoped a girl would win this year (a guy won both season 1 and 2).

Danny: Oh, I love Danny. I think he's the best dancer I have seen on the show...he's just amazing to watch. I liked him from the beginning...just because he is Travis Wall's adopted brother. I adored Travis so much last year just carried over. But then I saw Danny dance. He is just amazing. He has techical skills that no one could touch on that stage. When Danny did him solo dance on Wednesday...he got a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. He is breathtaking to watch. But...I didn't think he could win. He had a rough beginning. People didn't connect with him...they saw him as arrogant, etc. So, I worried he would go out of the Top 4 competition first...and that saddened me since talent above everything else should be rewarded.

So...what happened in the finale????

Lacey went out first. It seems cruel, but I was so happy about that. I just think she wasn't in the same league, so I think America got it right.

Next was Neil to go...and it left Danny and Sabra.

I couldn't be happier. I love them both...and would be happy if either won. I wanted Danny to win a little more, but it was like a 51/49 split. When the show host was waiting to say who won...I was excited because they both deserved it.

And who won???

SABRA! That little spit fire won the show....with that pretty and humble smile of hers. I can't wait to see what she is going to do with her career. She's just brilliant.

And as for Danny...we know he will do great things...he's got so much talent, how can he not?