Thursday, August 09, 2007

Freez the pain away!

Sometimes I am a working out fool. Well, I used to be a working out fool. Sadly, I have been a working out sap lately. This week, I have been doing some cardio and weight lifting. body has been punishing me for thinking that I could still do everything with the same intensity. I did my weight lifting routine on Tuesday night and well, I woke up on Wednesday hurting. Basically...all the muscles that I own hurt. And what hurt the most, is the right side of my neck. You know the spot...where the neck and the shoulder blade meet. It just aches. Every time I move my shoulder. Ouch. Every time I move my neck. Ouch. I had to help a co-worker move some boxes today and I thought my neck was going to actually break and FALL OFF.

So, what did I do to make it feel better? One, I complained a lot. That's always helps. Two, I made some yummy dinner. Yep, helps. Three, I ate some Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. If yummy dinner won't cream definitely will. And then I got just a smidge practical. I put some Freeze It on the back of my neck. At first, I wasn't so sure. One, I have found pain reliever stuff to be smelly. I don't like smelly. Two, it is blue so I was afraid of it staining the back of my shirt. And three, I wasn't sure the goo would actually work.'s either the ice cream or this stuff works! My neck is still sore, but feels so much better. Let's go through the things I was concerned about. One, it wasn't smelly...or at least bad smelly. It has menthol in it, so it has a nice, clean smell to it. I don't feel like I smell like a medicine cabinet. Two, I was afraid it would stain. Yes, it is blue...but it doesn't stain your skin or your shirt. I got some on the collar of my shirt and it doesn't look like I am part smurf. Three, it does work and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg....or need a prescription.

I think I am going to bring this stuff to work for when we have to do community service. We always come back to the office chuck full of aches and pains. It'll definitely be an awesome addition to our first aid kit.

You know, I think I love this Freez It stuff so much....I might marry it. *giggles*

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