Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thoof happens people!

There is a new website out there, Thoof.com...where normal people, like you and me...can post articles we found or even posts on our own blogs. So, we can read the news that our fellow bloggers found interesting instead of what the media circus thought we should be reading. It's like a personalized news service for the internet.

There are a few articles on there right now...which caught my interest. There is one about the 7 credit traps to avoid...another about 15 unfortunately placed ads and how it just made them ever so funny...one about Keira Knightley posing naked and the digital enhancement of her misquito bites. So...there is a little bit there for everyone.

I think the concept is really interesting and I am definitely going to put some of my blog posts up on there when I think it is something people might want to read. You can even install a ThoofRank Badge on the posts that you have put up there and it will tell you how many people are clicking through from Thoof to your site. So, in essence...it will tell you how popular your article is. Oh...and of course, the more popular an article is, the longer it stays up on the top of the front page.

So, find some interesting articles and get them all Thoofed up and ready to go!

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