Friday, June 15, 2007

Smorty to the rescue!

Hey everybody! I have been checking all the different paid sites out there. I have spent some time researching the different sites and Smorty is the newest one I have come across. Smorty is a site when you can get paid to blog about different products and services. It works a lot like the other places out there, but of course some things are different. And the different things I LIKE!

  • Smorty rates you on a bunch of different factors and give you a Smorty score. I don't really know what the scores mean, but I like that if you write hugh quality posts and get rated well, your smorty score can go up.

  • The rates for posts can range from little amounts like 4 big amounts like close to $100.00. I don't imagine I will be getting $100 posts anytime soon, but I like the idea that the possibility is out there.

  • You have about 3 days to write a post once you click accept...which is awesome. I hate feeling rushed and not being able to write a high quality post. And, unlike some other places, you don't have to leave the opp window open until you write the post or risk losing it.

  • The thing I think is the COOLEST...that's right, I said the payment system. They pay out on a WEEKLY basis. Once your post is approved (which takes about 5 days), your payment is approved the first payment day of the next week. There is no waiting 2 weeks/30 days/etc. I think that kicks some major arse!

  • And one other thing I think is how quickly they approve sites. I submitted my site yesterday afternoon and was approved this morning when I logged on and checked my email. At another site, I had to wait well over a week to be approved.

  • So far, I am liking Smorty. If you like to get paid for blogging, check them out!

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