Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reno 911! Miami

Hey y'all...we all know how much I LOVE movies. I am a complete movie buff. It's the reason I worked at a video store for 2 years and am considering working at a video store again. I love a job that gets me free movies is definitely a plus. I end up watching between 3 and 6 movies a week, depending on how much real life gets in the way.

One movie I would highly recommend is Reno 911! Miami The Movie. I've know these characters for a while and just think it is too funny. It makes fun of those TV shows like Cops and puts their police in ridiculous situations and tapes them a la Cops style. If that's not funny...I don't know what is. The movie comes out on DVD on June 19th, so if you haven't seen it yet, you can rent
Reno 911! Miami
in less than a week.

My absolute favorite character of the movie is Lieutenant Jim Dangle. Hands down. Absolutely. He is every stereotype of a gay man, a gay man in the closet. He doesn't wear the uniform that everyone else does. Instead, he wears hot pants or short shorts. I heard a rumor that they were sometimes filming around real police officers and that some of the female officers complained about his little short shorts. *giggles* Now that's funny. He struts around and pretends to know what he is talking about, but sadly...none of them do. He is definitely the shining star of Reno 911! Miami The Movie in my opinion.

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