Thursday, March 29, 2007

looking for a rehab?

I work in the criminal justice system...I refer clients to alcohol and substance abuse treatment, so I am always looking for different rehab programs. Watershed Rehabs is a Drug Treatment program that provides detox and rehab programs. Their facilities look beautiful. It looks like one of those places where the stars might go to rehab. It looks like a vacation resort! I have never been to their rehab or referred anyone there, but what I do like is that they offer a detox program. It's amazing how hard they are to find...someplace that will get someone through the withdrawls before starting them on an inpatient program. You often have to send someone to the hospital and then send them to rehab...I like that this place does both. And..another thing I really like is that they have dual diagnosis programs. Dual Diagnosis means that someone has an alcohol or drug problem, as well as some kind of mental disorder. It's a huge issue in my line of work...we have a special task force just to address dual diagnosed clients in the criminal justice system.

I am not sure what kind of insurance they accept..but if you or someone you know is in need of a substance abuse rehab, check them out. They have a link on their site where you can list the prospective patient and insurance information....and see if a stay at their facility is covered by your insurance.

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