Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If I won the lottery...I'd go here!

That's right...if I hit the jackpot tomorrow, I would take a nice vacation to Hawaii. And no, not just to stalk the cast of Lost, even though that would probably be on the list. I have obviously never been to Hawaii, but it seems like the most beautiful place to visit...the water...the sun...the food. It just seems like paradise.

And if I was to actually go to Hawaii and didn't get Matthew Fox to leave his wife and kids and let me stay with him...hee, hee...I would consider staying at one of these places. Kauai Ecotourism Vacation Rentals has some really nice spots on all the different islands. Ecotourism? What is that? Well, they are vacations or rentals that are environmentally friendly. I think that is such a plus. These trips leave you with a great experience, but don't damage the land and the environment as a cost. For someone who once camped in a tent on the Virgin Islands, I definitely believe in this concept. I am often so saddened to see such natural places become ruined because of the tourism industry. And...they even have some rooms for less than a hundred dollars a night...that was shocking to me. I mean, you can't get a room at Disney for less than that. And look at this place...wouldn't you just die to stay there. I know I would.

Oh gosh...now I am just praying to win the lottery!!! And maybe if I do...and you're lucky, I'll take you to Hawaii with me.

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