Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the new era?

I have two friends...who are roommates....and one of them made a blog post yesterday saying that she is changing how she is living her life, she is going to be more selfish and care more about her own needs. I am just saddened that her post didn't seem like a new start, it seems like an angry post. I often wonder if "life changes" about having as much fun as possible...while seeming so fed up and angry...have any chance at all. Who knows, eh? And she mentioned that next year she is going away to school. I think that it is great that she is going away to school...I think it will be good for her. Now...I wonder where she plans on going to school. Is it going to be at some of the 4 year schools that are only an hour away? Is it going to be much much farther away...meaning she is going to move?

And my other friend...her poor roommate. She hasn't said anything to her about it. I know that if my roommate posted on the internet that she is going to school next year and therefore...might be moving...and didn't say anything to me about it...I'd be PISSED!

Hopefully it'll all work out...and I am glad that my friend has a renewed sense of focus, but I can't help thinking that her new era of being more selfish is showing to be true...with not even mentioning that she might move to her roommate. But then again...maybe I am starting the new era of Shelley...being judgemental about things that are just none of my business.

P.S. The weather yesterday was WONDEROUS!!!!

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