Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A way to save online!

Anyone who knows me knows...that I am one of the cheapest people alive. I am always looking for a way to save a couple of bucks, a dime, heck...a penny. It's one of the things I love about online shopping is that you can get really awesome deals....and you don't have to drive all over town comparing prices.

And then there are the online coupon sites. MyCoupon is pretty gosh darn's a community where they list TONS of coupons. They have over 12,000 coupons on their site...and they range from products like shoes to candy to flowers to baby stuff to pets to clothes, etc. You get my point...they have a lot of coupons.

How their site works is that you actually get coupon codes instead of actual coupons. You know when you are checking out somewhere and they ask if you have a coupon code...that's where you would enter it in. I always wonder where people get these codes. I am definitely going to check out this site next time I am ordering something online and want to know if I can save on shipping or get 10% off, etc. I did a quick search on shoes and came across all these listings...since I desperately need a new pair of work and running shoes.

Check em out...and start saving!!!!

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