Tuesday, March 20, 2007

grumpy...and the lengths some people will go to get a date!

I am grumpy this morning...I couldn't even tell you why. I think that bothers me even more...than I don't know why I am grumpy...I have no reason to wake up with a case of the grumps. grrr...

I watched a movie last night which I found to be hilarious....well, I am almost done watching the movie...I have like 10 minutes to watch tonight when I get home. It's called My Date With Drew. It's about this guy....Brian...who has had a crush on Drew Barrymore since he was 10...and he wins $1100 on a game show, so he decides to use the money to make a guerilla documentary trying to get a date with Drew. He buys a DVD camera from Circuit City (which he plans on returning because they have a generous 30 day return policy)...and he attempts to use the 6 degrees method to meeting and getting Drew to accept to a date with him. Now the funny thing...is that the guy is so much in debt that his parents have to wire him $100 for him to put in his checking account or bad things with happen...the boy has no job, etc. But...he puts his winnings all to this documentary. It's pretty cute and kind of endearing though...and of course, he interviews Corey Feldman and that's worth the price of admission all in itself.

So, does he get a date with Drew???? Well...you'll just have to watch the movie to see.

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