Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Friendly's Update....

So...I sent that email last week...Wednesday I think...and when I got home yesterday I had a letter from Friendly's in the mail. They sent a letter apologizing for the bad service that I got...and sent a giftcard for $15.00. It was nice to get the giftcard, but what was even nicer was the recognition from the company. So...there was go...the squeaky wheel often does get the oil! You know, I really considered not sending anything and just grumbling every time I pass Friendly's, etc...but I felt that it couldn't hurt.

Oh...and what was best is that I saw the letter to me was copied to the Regional Director and the Store Manager, so that it does look like the issue might be looked at, etc.

So...there ya go! Friendly's did GOOD by me!

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