Wednesday, September 29, 2004

posting some of my old poems...

I wrote a few entries back that I might start writing poetry, I thought I would start by posting some of my old poems here...just to give people a taste of what my poetry usually looks like.

I am hoping in the next month or set aside some time to just sit and write and see if anything comes to me.

This is the poem I ended up putting on someone else's blog a week or so ago. Yep, it bugs me that not a one person responded to it...especially the person I posted it to, but then again...I remember that I write for me. I wrote this one when I was in college...which tells you how long ago that was. It was in response to that constant self doubt...and it connected to an assignment I had in my 'images' class.

At Last Sight

At first sight
I look in the mirror
Who do I see?
The person I am,
or the person they want me to be
who's to know the difference

Mirror bends and contorts
depending on the voice
of the one telling the story
When will that voice be mine?

Smiling when everyone says so,
following the path designed by others
so many others
Hiding the true emotion
because it does not fit who you are inside

When will the true me emerge
and will I recognize her?
Or will I think that she, my true self,
is another mirage to be shown to the world

At first site I wonder,
I wonder about the life I have
the dreams that I create
Are they really mine?
I wonder....
If I will be wondering at last sight

more poems will be coming later...I will just pick a few favorites and post em up here.