Tuesday, September 21, 2004

TV Tuesday Week 24

It's Tuesday and that can only mean it is time for TV Tuesday!

Week 24 - Spin off's

A great show never dies, it simply spins off into new shows! LOL This week we'll take a look at the ever famous spin off syndrome!!

1. What's your favorite all time spin off? Which show did it spin off?
Well, I think the best spin offs are the ones that well....don't seem like spin offs at all. I would say that Angel...the Buffy spin off is one of the best. It stands alone and has that same feel of Buffy, but also is clearly its own show. I would also say that Frasier was a great spin off as well...even though I wasn't always a fan of the show.

2. What do you consider the worst spin off ever? Why?
Well...there are many that just don't work. But you know...those horrible ones...they don't last and therefore they also don't linger in my mind. But, I did hate...and I mean hate...all of those spin offs of Star Trek. Come on now...how many do we really need???

3. Is there a show that's ended that you wish they'd done a spin off for? Which one?
I would have to say ER. I would be great to have a spin off show showing what is going on with Dr. Doug Ross (Clooney) and Nurse Hathaway (Margulies). I am sure they would have done that...if there was a chance in hell of Clooney doing it.

~Bonus~ If you could "end" your current life and make a spin off of it what would you call it? What would be the theme (characters new and eliminated, changes you'd make)?
I don't think I can answer that question...but what the heck, I will try. It would be Shelley:Peace Corps. It would be the story of two years of my life while I am in the Peace Corps. I have always wanted to be in the Corps...so, it could be interesting!

There it is...now go answer TV Tuesday yourself.